It has been couple months I've using my brand new "Minerva GTR 170".
Before I bought this bike, of course like you all, I hope, first I've research about the quality and people satisfactions who has experience and using this bike for some time. So I've been reading blogs, forums, and others,  (like experts research, spare parts availibility). So far so good, This bike looks ok too me. Since I live in Indonesia, where a lot of "bebek" bikes driving around, and not so many matic bike (which have big fuel tank, one of my criteria),  It's like love at the first sight when I saw this "Minerva GTR 170". Of course, one of my criteria also, it has to have "high" fuel effiecency (even with a lot cheaper gas over here, it's still a lot of money when you have to drive about 100-150 KM / day using this bike, calculated with My current salary though ;) ).
First I try to find "Minerva GTR 150" which they (factory) claim will use about 1 liter gas (maybe pertamax or some other high octane fuel) for 40 KM. It's almost a shock, bike that big, and it's use that less gas???
Then I try to find a dealer..a nearby dealer, and I found one. So, I've asked them, either they sell "Minerva GTR 150"?? and they said.. "We don't sell "Minerva GTR 150" anymore sir, since we have "Minerva GTR 170" which is more power, sporty and new design". With a minor price difference, then I decide,  "Let's go, let's buy this bike". .:)
After 2 days and couple administration later, they send the bike to my home, of course I am happy, since all this time I have to drive "Pulsar 180 CC". It's matic, have huge fuel tank (8.7-9 liter gas) and it's machoooo :). But..the bike doesn't come with the police registration number. Deep inside my heart tell me "I have to use this bike, asap". Since my sister in law has an old police registration number, my evil inside me telling me "What the hell, I know you want to drive this bike to your work, it's exhausting to use Pulsar, drive this bike already. come on dude..:) ". Then, . I put the old police registration number to my new bike, and the next morning, I drive away .. YAY!!
It's has been "all" people dream to have the experience of being a celebrity. Well, I can tell you this, if you drive this "Minerva GTR 170", all eyes will look at you, when you stop at the stop light, jammed at the traffice, filling gas, at the parking place, everywhere, people will stare at you with amaze eyes to see the bike you are driving :)
It's fun to have a unique bike, especially in this country, Indonesia, where "bebek" bike are the most type of bike out there.
Fuel consumption:  
This bike consume about 1L/26KM - 1L/30KM (depending on the traffic, speed and the type of it curvy, uphil or straight).
The first 500KM is fun riding, after that, I will tell you more about it in other blog.

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